Going To Need More Blues With All This Rhythm

Release Date: OUT NOW

Purely a passion project. I take samples from older moves from the 80s and mix them with a story of my own. A concept album of traveling back in time that later ends up revealing a twist at the end. Quite a ride for those who are fans of cyberpunk and the Back To The Future Trilogy. You'll find it uplifting to say the least.

Collaboration Album w/ Sky Lukewarm

Watch The Crown

Release Date: OUT NOW

A nice blend of industrial rap with trip-hop elements. Sky Luke and I have been meticiously working on this album to be a blend of both of our flavors of music. It should be a treat for those who enjoy french rap and stories that portray what it means to be black in this world. As told through the words of two emcees.

Album ft. Envy-Bones

I Warned You What Would Happen

Release Date: OUT NOW

For anyone that's ever enjoyed Vegeta's backstory or Theon Greyjoy's rise and fall from power. It's my premier concept album. EB's vocals are used throughout the album. She's great. This is something I've put time, money, and love into that I've been wanting to share with the world.